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#1- Click on heat treating and place an order for all blades you are sending. If it says item is not available then we are at max capacity. This changes weekly so check back in.


#2- Make sure all blades are deburred and all raised edges are removed from drilled holes and along the profile! Any order that does not meet this criteria will be charged for deburring as this damages our quench plates and transfers marks to other blades.

(Deburring is $2 per blade)


#3- Please clean the blades before shipping. Time spent removing paint, paper, tape and adhesive spray from blades will add processing time to your order as well as a cleaning fee. Contaminated blades can also cause stainless foil heat treat envelopes to burst.

(Cleaning is $3 per blade)


#4- Please have all blades identified using a sharpie or paint pen with the alloy and order number.

When packaging DO NOT TAPE BLADES TOGETHER as it can leave a sticky residue. It best to wrap blades in paper and then use tape or shrink wrap around the entire stack.  


Once your blades are ready, ship to:


Jarod Todd Heat Treating

657G Williams Lake Rd

Colville, WA 99114

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