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~ BULK PRICING is calculated off the total number of blades in the cart. So as long as the the number of the blades you have added to the cart is 5 or more you will get the bulk pricing. This means you can mix and match thickness, lengths and alloys to get the total blade count up to the bulk qty.


~ Price includes all required services for the selected alloys, such as Stainless Foil and Cryo/Sub Zero Treatment

~ All blades are tempered to the hardness you select.

~ If your not sure on what hardness your blade needs then just select NA and I will pick an appropriate Hardness for your blade(s)

~ There are no refunds after we have started processing your order. It is your own responsibility to make sure you have acquired your steel from a trusted and reputable source.

~ If you would like shipping insurance added to your order please go to the insurance product page and add it.

~ Any overcharges or errors in pricing will be refunded or invoiced upon discovery.

~ Any additions or major changes to a pending order will require a new order to be placed.

~ Bowing and warping is corrected using surface peening, this leaves a very shallow (.001-.003) peen finish that is easily removed during finish grinding/sanding. We do our best to prevent and/or straighten bowed blades using the above mentioned technique. Therefore, bowed blades are not a justified reason to warrant a refund.

~ Cracks are very rare and are usually the result of improper grinding technique causing stress risers or a flaw in the material. Grinding an edge too thin before heat treating can cause it to ripple, "aka" bacon edge, during the quench. This is something that is out of our control and we are not liable for.

~ It is the customer's responsibility to source steel from a trusted vendor. We will not be held liable for blades that will not harden properly due to shoddy alloy control by the vendor.

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Current Backlog: Heat Treating 1-2 wks & Plasma 3-4 wks (9/18/20)

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