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This is where you place a request for ordering custom material for your blade blanks. Just fill out all the info and we will get you a quote back on what the price will be. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


~ Any blades that bow from heat treating will be straightened using surface peening. This results in a mild dimpled texture that is easily removed during finishing. Cleanup is achieved by removing an average of .001 to .003.

~ There is no charge for CNC plasma cutting as this cost is built into the material charge. There is a 25¢ surcharge per square inch for any order that totals less than 5 blades per alloy/thickness..

~ All blades will be cut a tad larger to allow for clean up and removal of HAZ.

~ We will mark pin holes as drawn for free and can drill holes to requested size for an added fee.

~ All blades are tempered unless you're just ordering blanks.

~ Don't forget to upload your design file in the provided area, DXF is the preferred format but sketches and scans/pictures work as well.

~ There are no refunds or cancellations once we have started processing your order.

~ Any overcharges or errors in pricing will be refunded or invoiced upon discovery.

~ Any additions or major changes to a pending order will require a new order to be placed.

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Current Backlog: Heat Treating 1-2 wks & Plasma 3-4 wks (9/18/20)

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