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~ Any blades that bow from heat treating will be straightened using surface peening. This results in a mild dimpled texture that is easily removed during finishing. Cleanup is achieved by removing an average of .001 to .003.

~ Price includes all required services for the selected alloys, such as Stainless Foil and Cryo/Sub Zero Treatment.

~ If you choose to use a stock design instead of uploading your own you do not need to select any square inches. Just select "Stock profile" and it will automatically calculate the material cost for that blade.

~ There is no charge for CNC plasma cutting as this cost is built into the material charge. There is a 25¢ surcharge per square inch for any order that totals less than 5 blades per alloy/thickness. This charge will be removed as soon as 5 or more blades of the same thickness and alloy are added to the cart. They do not have to be of the same profile design.

~ All blades will be cut a tad larger to allow for clean up and removal of HAZ.

~ We will mark pin holes as drawn for free and can drill holes to requested size for an added fee.

~ All blades are tempered unless you're just ordering blanks.

~ Don't forget to upload your design file in the provided area, DXF is the preferred format but sketches and scans/pictures work as well.

~ There are no refunds or cancellations once we have started processing your order.

~ Any overcharges or errors in pricing will be refunded or invoiced upon discovery.

~ Any additions or major changes to a pending order will require a new order to be placed.

~ In Stock material fluctuates, but we do try and keep it updated. If your order exceeds the material we have on hand we will notify you with a few options.

~ To calculate the square inches of your blade: Take your blade length in inches and your blade width in inches and multiply the two numbers together. If the number is not a whole number then round it up to the nearest whole number. For example if you multiplied your length times your width and got the number 35.28", you would round this number up to 36 and that would be the square inches for your blade.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you - JT

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